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Block paving, which is also well-known as brick paving and is used as the decorative method for creating hard standings and pavements. The one clear benefit of using Block Paving over other materials is that when they suffer any damage or get worn, replacement of individual Blocks is possible. The bricks or the blocks used are typically made of clay, concrete, or other materials. Concrete Block Paving is the most common one; concrete blocks are made of porous material and can be used to lay different styles and patterns like the most famous Herringbone pattern, which offers the strongest bond because of interlocking. Most Block Paving Bricks are made of recycled material such as crushed glass and old building rubble.

Switch Groundworks has been working in the paving industry for years. We have developed excellent skills as professionals thanks to the time we have operated in this industry. Today we can provide our customers with top-notch Block Paving services. Regardless of what you want, whether it’s Block Paving Driveways, Paths or Patios, we can offer the most reliable services. Our team work closely with our customers to get things just right. We always aim to provide the best quality results and high-standard finishing by delivering premium services. No matter how big or small the job is, we are ready to put all your energy into ensuring that your Block Pavings look and feel marvellous.

As Block Paving Specialists, our team is fully equipped, trained and skilled. If you are searching for Block Paving Contractors and your search has brought you here, then you are at the right place. Contact us now and get your block paving services at the most reasonable Block Paving Cost.

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Where Can Block Paving Be Seen, and is It a Good Option?

Block Paving is mainly used for driveways, pavements, walkways, road surfacing and patios. People use block paving because of the style, durability and aesthetic appeal that it offers to your place. People also consider Block Paving Patios for similar reasons. There are numerous benefits of using block paving, and some of them are as follows;


Regarding choice, Block Paving is the first option that comes to every individual’s mind whether they are planning to build a patio, driveway, or something else. Different bricks can be used, from classic red to Black Blocks Paving. Numerous options are available, and it becomes the most challenging choice which type of brick will suit the best. The friendly team of Switch Groundworks is always here to help you with this, and we offer not only reliable services but also the best and most honest advice.


Block Paving can offer some really creative designs, from herringbone patterns and classic basketweaves to any other fancy patterning of your liking. You can use blocks of contrasting colours to create different attractive designs in other parts of your driveways. You can add the perfect finishing touch by adding kerbstones to it. Are you confused about the design, colour or pattern? Contact us and let us help you with it.

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Nobody likes to see puddles forming due to lousy drainage, especially in their driveways. Block paving offers excellent drainage because of the substrate below. You can also choose permeable block paving if you live in an area with heavy rain or prone to surface water. Permeable block paving offers even better drainage as compared to block paving.


Since individual blocks are used in building block paving, it becomes easy to repair stained or broken bricks. Block Paving Maintenance is easy and cheap as compared to other materials. Whether you want help with installation or maintenance, you can always trust the team of Switch Groundworks. We offer quality services at affordable prices.

Block Paving


Although we have mentioned above that the repair and maintenance of block paving are easy, it is also worth noting that you may never need to repair it. The bricks that are used in block paving are highly durable and robust. Once installed (If installed correctly), You will not have to repair them repeatedly. And for the proper installation, you need the right Block Paving Contractors, and we are always here to offer that.

Property Value

A new driveway, a professionally built Block paving patio, or any other such factor will increase the property’s value. Block Paving is not only an aesthetically suitable option, but its durable nature suits most living conditions, automatically increasing its value. House is one of the significant investment people make in their life, and thus want everything to be perfect and durable. This is why Block paving has become most people’s first option when they think about a driveway, pathway patio or something else. We, being professionals, also recommend Block Paving and offer high-standard services in this regard.


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