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A Guide to All Block Paving Patterns and Designs in Taunton

Are you looking for an ideal option to update your outdoor space or add unique touches to an already paved area? Then we have all the options for you.

Over the years, the pattern and the design of the block paved surfaces have changed, but the thing that remained constant is our first-hand quality and expertise in paving. Our block paving Taunton crew has been installing durable block paved surfaces for (driveways and patios). Being the paving partner for many clients in Taunton, our block paving installers are familiar with the novel construction and renovation methods and are happy to take many of them on board.

Ideal Price Range

The pricing makes block paved driveways an ideal choice for all budget types. Our block paving cost in Taunton is minimal and in accordance with the price offered by our competitors. Along with the great style and patterns, the pricing makes block paved driveways a good option for the people of Taunton.  

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Variety of Styles and Patterns of Block Paving

Due to the numerous sizes, shapes, and colours available, the number of paving patterns is virtually limitless. The vast array of options is one of the main advantages of choosing pavers instead of poured concrete. The patterns and styles offered by our block Paving Taunton team will include all patterns and styles of the modern day.

  • Brindle Blocks 

Brindle driveways are popular and are preferred in Taunton. They offer rich, earthy tones, and brindle block pavers also give you the freedom to try out different designs and colours. To promote a more jovial patio design, block paving installers in Taunton offer a wide variety of brindle block paving solutions.

Our experienced block paving in Taunton team will provide you with block pavers that are twice as big as typical block pavers, and their hammered surface pattern is sure to catch people’s attention. Regardless of the size of the driveway, these brindle paving slabs enable significantly speedier coverage and provide exceptional value due to their single huge block size.

  • Stretcher Bond Paving 

Do you like the replicating and linear pattern of your driveway? If yes, the ideal option to go for is stretcher bond paving. Our block paving installers in Taunton will work on your project to give a unique and neat finish. Stretcher bond paving is made by laying a row of bricks with the longest side lengthwise. The second row of bricks is placed in the same way, and the joints are spaced apart by exactly half the block’s breadth. This laying pattern is more likely found on a patio or sidewalk.

Block Paving Taunton
  • Stack Bond Paving 

Our block paving contractors in Taunton will work on the uniform look of your paving surfacing by laying a stretcher bond driveway. The minor difference between stretcher and stack paving is that there is no offset between the brick rows during the laying of the stretcher bond paving process. Being the most affordable block paving design, its sleek, modern lines go well with any home. This produces the crisp lines that are typical of modern outdoors.

  • Herringbone Block Paving

The popular block paving pattern that most consumers would recognise on a driveway is herringbone. Our block paving specialists in Taunton will lay the bricks either at 45 degrees or 90 degrees, depending upon the client’s choice. The interlock ensures that blocks don’t move out of place when cars turn and brake. All heavily travelled areas, such as driveways, use the interlocking herringbone laying pattern.

  • Permeable Paving 

The block paving blocks are made with a porous substance that allows water to pass through it or non-porous blocks with spaces between them to allow water to pass through. Our Block Paving Taunton team will lay this surface with the same expertise as the other block paving styles.

  • Basketweave

Block Paving in Taunton’s skilled crew is proficient in installing an aesthetic pattern known as basket weave, and this pattern is also a well-liked alternative to linear flooring patterns. The pavers used in basket weaving paving are twice as long as wide.

Start looking for the block paving layout of your dreams.

Block Paving Taunton

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