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Adding value to your place- Driveway Devon

Want to invest in adding value to your place? Whether you own a home, office or business, Switch Groundworks is at your door for all the paving and driveway construction services in Devon. The company started working back in 2016. 

Don’t put yourself in danger by working with an unenergetic crew; we here at Switch Groundworks will have the expertise to do prompt, high-quality work, enabling you to opt for the best.

By acquiring the services of driveway company in Devon, you will be able to use your pathway or driveway immediately and feel secure that your new concrete construction project will continue to look beautiful for a very long time

Which driveway should you opt for?

 The various services offered at driveway company in Devon will allow you to choose from many. The driveway’s construction material depends on the choice and the theme of your building.

Listed down are the categories and the details to make it much easier for you to look in detail and plan accordingly.

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1.   Brick Paved Driveways

 Clay bricks are the ancient material used for building walls and paving. The driveways Devon construction crew will make the brick-paved driveway appear opulent and elegant. A good base and a brick-paved driveway will maintain the trendy look for years. The brick-paved driveways always give your place an elegant look.

2.   Substantial benefits of brick paved driveways

Driveways made of bricks are much more durable and popular because of their unique and varied benefits.

  • Brick paved driveways are generally stain-resistant. Oil and other stains do not imprint on the surface. Moreover, the brick is easy to replace.
  • The abrasive surface of brick-paved driveways makes walking easy for kids and older people. Even when raining, the surface will not get slippery enough like the other driveway materials.
  • The repairs in brick-paved driveways Devon are easier to fix and budget-friendly. Each brick paver driveway is unique and may be changed if damaged, making paver driveways a longer-term, more affordable option.

3.   Why choose Resin Driveways?

 Whether you need a simple overlay in your newly built home or a complete renovation our driveway specialists in Devon have the expertise to complete the task aptly. Our driveway installers in Devon provide you with the best service with a variety of resin designs and colours.

Driveways Devon

Choose resin driveways for the seamless finish

 Visit our portfolio to see the magic we did to the driveways of our previous clients. Resin-bound surfaces are permeable to air and water, and it is perfect for bicycles and pushchairs because of their smooth texture and durability.

Your innovative ideas can be put into reality by our team through the provision of multiple designs and patterns in resin-bound driveways in Devon.

The driveway contractors in Devon have asked multiple clients’ preferences, and people go for resin driveways due to their low maintenance and decorative finish.

Driveways Devon

1.   Aesthetic and enduring finish with block paving

 Are you trusting the services of driveway Devon to increase the visual appeal of your place? If yes, your project is in the right hands. An entrance to the home is what leaves a long-lasting impression in the minds of the visitor. Our driveways Devon team usually uses clay and concrete as a surfacing solution.  Like resin, block paving requires low maintenance. Block paving can survive severe, unpredictable weather conditions; hence, considered environment friendly. Offered in various colours and sizes, our driveway Devon team will guide you about the best design for your place. Additionally, extremely detailed patterns and shapes can be constructed out of the various blocks.

2.   Cobbled driveways for a traditional look

 Cobbled pavers are a unique and ancient trend. The cobbled surface is in style from the Roman era because of its archaic attractiveness. These driveways are extremely robust and are capable of lifting the weight of large cars. Although it requires a large workforce, the cobbled driveways in Devon are easy to install. The path made of cobbled rocks, which dates back to the Roman era, appears majestic.

 The choice is all yours. Call Switch Groundworks now to avail all these services. 


Need Assistance?

If you have any question feel free to contact us!