Groundworks Construction Contractors

Groundworks or civil works include several activities primarily related to preparatory work before constructing a superstructure. Some of the groundwork services we provide include:

  • Ground investigation consists of a detailed study of the soil and the site.
  • Identifying and building foundations for different structures.
  • Site clearance, which involves clearing/cleaning the area before construction.
  • Ground excavation/soil extraction and refilling
  • construction projects like basements
  • Retaining walls
  • Landscaping, such as patios and driveways.
  • Many others

Ground Investigation & Site Clearance Services

Before starting any construction work, the construction team must ensure that the site is ready for construction. This involves a visual observation of the site to check for the presence of trees, vegetation, garbage, and other elements that must be cleared. Another important activity at this stage is to carry out detailed soil analysis. Our geo-technical engineers will estimate the soil’s LBV (Load bearing value) to analyze how much load the surface soil can withstand. They will also study the soil to learn its qualities, such as moisture content, soil type, and reaction to climatic changes. Soil investigation will help the engineers decide which foundation is best for the soil type and the type of infrastructure. Contact us to avail yourself of our groundwork services for any construction project.

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Groundworks for Building Foundations

Foundations are the most critical structure in any construction project. They provide support to the entire superstructure and keep it safe. Once the soil analysis has been done, our engineers will identify the most appropriate foundation. They will decide whether the property requires deep or shallow foundations. They will also determine the proper foundation-building methods. For instance, piling, mini/micro piling, etc. The design and measurements of the foundations will be estimated, and once prepared, the foundations will be built on the construction site accordingly. Our Groundwork company specializes in building several types of foundations for different projects. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Ground/Soil Excavation

If the site soil is not found to be the right type or needs good qualities to support a structure, construction companies have to excavate or extract the soil to refill it with better quality soil. For instance, some construction projects cannot be carried out on sand or chalk. Some cannot be constructed on the ground with high moisture content. Our Groundworks Contractors will identify these problems and perform soil excavation/replacement.

Groundworks Construction Contractors
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Groundworks for Landscaping

Landscaping in your backyard or garden can enhance your home’s aesthetic value and provide you with great utility. Landscaping, such as the construction of patios and pathways, may require ground preparation and site clearance so that the final structures are long-lasting and reliable. Several options are available when it comes to paving patios and pathways. We can offer you patio construction from a material of your choosing. Many of these can also be used for paving patios and other surfaces.

Building Driveways

Driveways are an essential part of your home. Their construction will require site clearance, minor excavations, waterproofing, and paving. Switch Groundworks team will do all ground preparation and installation. We offer several driveway construction materials such as resin, block pavers, asphalt, tarmac, and cobblestones. Our driveway Construction Groundworks services aim to construct driveways that last a lifetime.

Groundworks Construction Contractors

Other Construction Projects

Groundwork Construction services are also necessary in many other construction activities, such as the construction of basements which requires excavation and other special services. We also build retaining walls which are necessary under special circumstances. Trenching is often carried out for installing telephone wires and pipes. Installing a drainage and sewerage system is also included in the groundworks. Our in-house construction team comprises engineers (civil & geo-technical), architects, plumbers, electricians, and people from many other trades. You can rely on our comprehensive services no matter what groundwork services you require.

Building Regulations and Planning Permission

Many construction projects require approval from the building control department, and in some cases, they also need planning permission approval. Both processes can be highly complicated and time-consuming. As one of the best groundworks companies, our architects assume this responsibility and do all the necessary work to ensure that you receive a building compliance certificate and planning permission approval for your construction project.

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