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Beautify Your Outdoor Space

Get a brand-new, personalised patio constructed at a reasonable cost by our dependable crew at Switch GroundworksYou will spend more time outdoors on your new patio with friends and family. 

Guide to Patio Construction in Exeter

Create a Design You Love

While constructing patios in Exeter, our highly trained crew will take into account the requirements of the clients and choose the appropriate material for patio installation. Our landscape designers will create a unique plan that blends well with your preferences and budget constraints.

No Hidden Cost 

People back out from the installation of patios as they find it costly. Our patio cost in Exeter is affordable when compared to our competitors. Our best perpetual installation available in Exeter is at upfront rates and is all you have dreamt of for the outdoor space.

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A Wide Range to Select From?

Our patio company in Exeter expert team will offer you a wide range of patio designs. The patio design is overall linked to the house theme and the customer’s overall budget. The customer budget is the crucial thing to consider in the construction of patios. The bigger your investment is, the prettier your patio look will look. Patio enhances the outdoor look of the house, so people in Exeter spend a good amount of money to increase the overall look of their place. The main prerequisites for your patio construction are presented by our expert team of local patio builders in Exeter. You can pick and choose between them according to your taste.

  • Stone:

Stones are natural materials available in various colours, shapes, and sizes. Our skilled crew will guide you about dozens of options so that you can choose according to the patio look you want for your house.

  • Brick:

Our patios Exeter skilled team will suggest brick patios to anyone who wants a traditional appearance for their house. For the ones who prefer a neat and tidy appearance for their place, brick patios are the ideal choice.

  • Paver:

The concrete material will make this surface firm. The paver patios are an excellent addition to your house and look more or less like stones. The people who can’t decide between stones and brick paver, this is a great option for them.

Patios Exeter

Benefits of Patio You Can Avail

Are you thinking of investing money in your house by doing certain amendments? The outdoor patio at your place will add beauty to your place. Our trained crew who provide patios Exeter services will offer you dozens of solutions. Aside from being the ideal spot for entertaining guests or unwinding, an outside patio is also a lovely and useful addition to your house. Given below are a few more advantages for you to consider regarding the construction of a patio.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Raise the value of your house by constructing a patio. They substantially improve the utility of your outside space and your home’s curb appeal. Buyers seek out these extra features in a home at the time of buying. Our patio contractors in Exeter will give you practical solutions that could improve the look of your yard and increase the value of your house.

Patios Exeter

Expand Your Living Space

On a gorgeous summer afternoon, don’t be cooped up inside. By adding a patio, you may increase your living area. Installing a patio is one method to transform your house into a venue for entertainment. Our patios Exeter competent team transforms your site into the ideal setting for dining, entertaining, and playing with the kids.

Lower the Energy Cost

Patios are easy to maintain in terms of cleanliness. Our skilled and experienced crew of patio installation in Exeter has completed various projects with the latest design patios that can survive the harsh weather. You won’t have to put in extra effort to maintain your home clean during the summer because the patios we make are made of the best materials.

Unwind in Your Brand-new Outdoor Retreat

It’s time to relax in your new professionally designed landscaping and make some moments memorable and life worth living.

Pro at What We Do

Our local patio builders in Exeter have mastered the skill of outdoor patio design. Premier services at Switch Groundworks will leave no stone unturned to provide you with the patio of your dreams. With vast knowledge, our highly educated crew will be able to decorate your outside area effectively while staying within your budget.

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Need Assistance?

If you have any question feel free to contact us!