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We are experts at providing construction services including building driveways, Garden patios, and patio landscaping services. Our skilled professionals use top-quality materials for paving and landscaping. You can select from a variety of designs, materials, and colours. The best paving for patios is block paving due to its affordable cost, versatility, and low maintenance. For building incredible Patios Wellington, hire our professional team today.

Our Patio building & landscaping services:

Clearing & cleaning the ground:

The first step in building the right Patio is clearing the ground. Our skilled workforce will remove all types of debris, dirt, vegetation, and old worn-out paved blocks. The soil will be excavated if necessary for laying down the foundation of your patio. Our Patios in Wellington team will make sure that each step is completed with extreme responsibility.

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Preparing the Site:

Our operatives will make sure that the ground is properly levelled, the soil is compact and firm. This is imperative for building a long-lasting Patio. Our team used the latest levelling techniques and tools to ensure that the paver blocks are properly balanced and do not crack.

Weed Prevention:

The next step is the installation of a special membrane that prevents weed growth between the paved blocks. This increases the life as well as the appearance of your Patios Wellington. Weed popping out of the space between the blocks can make your Patio looks untidy and messy.

Installation of Subbase:

After the membrane has been laid, our skilled team members will add MOT Type 1 which can include gravel, crushed rock, etc to add a layer. They will then level this layer so it is uniformly even all across.

Block Paving:

After the site has been prepared, our staff members will lay down the slabs properly and leave them to cure. After the curing time has been completed you can enjoy your new Patio. Please don’t forget to provide us with your valuable feedback regarding the quality of our services and the attitude of our technicians.

Patios Wellington

Why hire us?

Skilled Team:

Our team members have been selected based on their qualifications, experience, and reputation. We have put together a highly skilful team after immense scrutiny. Our workforce has dedicated a major part of their lives to providing construction services. They are fully trained for using the latest equipment and tools used in the construction industry. Our team members have the most modern Patios in Wellington design ideas that are unique and can make your home look incredible.

Quality Supplies:

Whether you want to refurbish your existing Patio or build a new one, whether you want landscaping supplies or any construction material, we will provide you with top-quality raw materials. We procure our supplies from the most reputed vendors in the UK. Our supplies are famous for being long-lasting and durable. We have built a trustworthy relationship with our suppliers over the years and have only retained the best.

Affordable Rates:

Your patio cost depends on the area to be covered, and the colour & design of the paver blocks. It also depends on how much preparation your site requires before a Patios Wellington can be built. We strive to provide the best quality services at the most affordable prices. Price comparison with other service providers will reveal that our pricing is most reasonable and we offer incredible value for money.

Contact us:

Contact us on our registered phone number and talk to our representative about the services you require and the choices available to you. You can also get in touch with us through our website and also request a free quote online. Select the design, colour, and layout of the block pavers. Enter the area that needs to be covered and our team will get back to you with the most affordable quote for our services. You can also request a free site visit to analyze your site and provide you with different ideas for patio designs and landscaping.

Get a work date:

If you find our rates acceptable, we will provide you with a booking date that matches your schedule. On the scheduled date our expert operatives will visit your site along with the necessary supplies and tools for building the most beautiful Patio to compliment your house.

Patios Wellington

Need Assistance?

If you have any question feel free to contact us!