Resin Driveways

Imagine your house next to the main road carrying all amount of traffic, load, and people; you have no driveway – let alone one of the most sought-after resin driveways – and the pedestrians, vehicles, and noise gain easy access to the perimeter of your residence or business property.

Now revert to the present, go around your driveway and appreciate its significance. It comes as no surprise how significant a role it plays in adding security, comfort, aesthetics, and value to your property, not least the easy access it gives to you, your family, and your employees.  

Resin Driveways Eminence

Before discussing our resin driveways in detail, here are the types of other driveways we construct:

  • Brick Paved Driveways: Brick paved driveways remain among the most popular in the UK. It is because of their durability, high grip during winter, and them not getting slippery when wet. Also, they are available in numerous colours. 
  • Block Paved Driveways: These are flags and slabs or small concrete blocks sought after by many UK inhabitants due to being a cost-effective solution.
  • Traditional Cobbled Driveways: These add to the period feel of your house. They stand out for being rare nowadays and require specialist installation services. We can create unique designs using a variety of small natural stones and even fix the historical ones, utilising our highly skilled staff.
  • Garden Patios and Landscaping: Block paving is perhaps an ideal choice for patios, the reason being its low-cost maintenance except for the occasional clearing away of algae and moss from this kind of paving.  
  • Tarmac and Asphalt Driveways: These are a cheaper option offering a durable solution, usually chosen for a small garden outside. Tarmac and asphalt driveways appear smooth and clean, coordinating well with the road outside your home.

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What are Resin Driveways

Resin bound driveways, also known as stone resin driveways, are a hardened blend of small stones and resin combined to pave footpaths and driveways. They are on the rise in popularity, giving off a unique and clean-looking appeal against traditional alternatives. 

Whether you want a domestic driveway, pathway, patio, courtyard, or pedestrian walkway constructed – even when undertaking a commercial landscaping scheme – resin driveway is the choice to make. 

We Are the Firm You Can Count On

Whether you want a black resin driveway or a concrete resin driveway (where a resin coat is applied to a concrete surface), we feel thrilled to help. From a basic overlay on an existing surface to the full excavation, our resin driveway specialists are thoroughly educated and trained in their relevant functions. If you are on the hunt for a resin driveway company that you can easily count on, look no further: As resin driveways contractors, we not only revamp your exhausted, damaged drive, giving it a drastic facelift but also carry off a resin driveway installation from scratch with competence and agility.  

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Exclusive Benefits Resin Driveways Bring

  • Enhance Aesthetic Appeal:

Resin possesses the striking ability to make a tired-looking drive seem fresh and pristine. With the range of colours and textures they offer, a lot of potential for creativity is in store. And for that, we can assist in finding you the best style that adds the perfect finishing touches to your place.

  • Water-Permeable Surface

Being smooth, air- and water-permeable, the surface enables water to drain promptly and makes it non-slippery. Combining crushed glass or polymers with the solution can further enhance its non-slip property. However, resin paths can crack if not prepared effectively, causing the top surface to move or lift up. Specialising in these services and carrying just the right kind of equipment for a complete installation, we can help you with this.

Resin Driveways
  • Smooth and Durable

The average lifespan for resin bound driveways lies between 8 to 15 years. Resin makes for a smooth, durable, and environmentally friendly finish with no loose stones, rendering it perfect for all scenarios, such as disabled access, strollers, and bicycles. 

  • Variety of Designs and Added Flexibility in Choices

The versatility found in these drives is exemplary. Various borders, curves, and patterns – even numbers and shapes – are formed using one or more than one colour. As a company dealing in all kinds of resin surface styles, we house an endless range of colours for customised, innovative patterns. 

  • Less Maintenance

Unlike some other materials, a resin drive does not stimulate the growth of mould and weeds and therefore needs minimal maintenance. All you need to do is jet wash or hose down and scrub with a stiff brush.

Resin Driveway Price

Resin driveway cost depends on several factors: the area size, current flooring, and the kind of aggregate used. Get in touch with us to get a free estimate of your project. Switch Groundworks is the name to trust.


Need Assistance?

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